ELECTION DAY: April 9, 2013

Bob Barnett Four years ago I asked for your vote in the election for Downers Grove Village Council - and was humbled by your show of support. We talked about a Village with a bright future that faced serious economic uncertainty. I urged that a community with frugal, prudent decision making would thrive. And we have!

Out of those challenges have come real opportunities. We have transformed those challenges into real progress. And with our sustained emphasis on lean, responsible management we have indeed done more with less. We deliver better quality services today, more efficiently, with fewer people and at less cost than we did in 2008.

With your help, I would like to continue to be part of the team that leads this Village... to continue our progress ensuring a local government that is practical and effective. One that provides quality services and real value and remains committed to reflecting the values and priorities of our residents.